From the Principal – Importance Of Our Fathers

Fathers Day Mass Santa Maria College

We celebrate Father’s Day on Sunday and as we do we think of the strength of a father, his guiding hand, his wisdom and his support. God the Father gave up his only Son, Jesus Christ, for us and provides an example of the vocation of fatherhood and of God’s unconditional love for us.All the fathers in our community were invited to Mass today with their daughters for Father’s Day, to share some special time together. We also welcomed Father Don Kettle to the College for the first time in his new role as the Parish Priest of St Joseph Pignatelli, Attadale. It was lovely to see the fathers enjoying breakfast and each other’s company in the Mercy Community Room afterwards.

Father’s Day, is a good time to appreciate a unique male person in our lives.  It is a day to affirm the particular gifts that fathers, grandfathers, uncles and other significant males bring into our lives through their care and commitment.

Father's Day Mass

People can give presents, but the most important gift is the gift of appreciation. Every father knows that he makes mistakes and doesn’t always do it perfectly. Today we are so connected electronically it’s easy to forget the importance of face to face communication and time together. Let us all make an effort this Sunday to take the time to show our fathers how much we value them.

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