‘In Your Head’ Youth Mental Health Forum

Hundreds of students and teachers converged on the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre for WA’s only Mental Health Forum for Young People. The conference featured engaging keynote presentations and breakout sessions from industry leaders.

The zero2hero In Your Head Mental Health Youth Forum is designed to provide young people, parents, and teachers with a greater understanding of adolescent mental health and practical skills to support their own wellbeing.

Evie McCormack, 2021 Wellbeing Captain, and Karin Boulton, 2022 Wellbeing Captain, reflect on the forum below.

Evie McCormack, 2021 Wellbeing Captain

I loved this opportunity to be a part of the zero2hero In Your Head forum. This organisation is incredible, giving a platform for young people to gain advice and guidance regarding mental health and wellbeing. I was particularly moved by the talk by AFL player, Will Schofield, who spoke about his journey, from losing loved ones to winning the AFL premiership. Everyone is on a rollercoaster of their own, and sometimes you never know what people are dealing with.

In another breakout session, I learnt about ‘Good Mood Foods’ from nutritionist Bobbie McPhal who emphasised the importance of eating real foods with a variety of nutrients and amino acids to provide fuel for your brain. This forum was an insightful and moving experience, and I feel Santa Maria can take on some of the key messages of zero2hero to help us:

  • raise awareness of mental health issues and symptoms,
  • how to help a friend struggling,
  • mindfulness and,
  • the notion that mental wellbeing is a non-linear pathway for everyone

Karin Boulton, 2022 Wellbeing Captain

We had a wonderful opportunity to attend the In Your Head Youth Mental Health Forum run by the charity zero2hero. We had the privilege of hearing from a variety of guest speakers including psychologists, youth workers, olympians, athletes, and other health professionals. I learnt a lot during the forum through the presenters sharing their own personal stories, particularly surrounding the topics of anxiety, stress, and overcoming challenges. It gave me an insight into how I can improve my own wellbeing, support my family and friends, as well as supporting the other girls here at Santa Maria.

The forum also gave me some useful tips and information I believe would be beneficial to share with the College community and hopefully implement in the College’s Mental Health Strategy. My favourite parts of the day were gaining information on establishing good habits from Angie Roche and being inspired to persevere through tough times and hardship to achieve your goals by olympic gymnast and Ninja Warrior, Olivia Vivian.

I very much look forward to taking on board what I learnt through ‘In Your Head’ to help girls at Santa Maria next year in my role as Wellbeing Captain. 

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