Innovative Social-Emotional Curriculum On Its Way

The key factors in a strong school pastoral care approach are good people and an effective curriculum. However, very few schools worldwide have a well-researched, scoped and sequenced curriculum for pastoral care. Santa Maria is currently working hard to fill that gap.

The College has always enjoyed a good program of activities in our Pastoral Care Time. However, as part of our Mental Health Strategy, we recognise the need for a rigorous curriculum that is equivalent to an academic curriculum.

Dean of Students Tania Hicks, College Counsellor Kimberlee Burrows, and Research Officer Linda Stade are currently creating a scoped and sequenced social and emotional learning curriculum. There are five strands to the document:

  • Self-awareness
  • Self-management
  • Social awareness
  • Social management
  • Spirituality

The document draws on the Australian Curriculum but is modified to meet the needs of Santa Maria College, Catholic education and girls’ education. Other documents considered in the creation of the new curriculum include:

  • Alice Springs Education Declaration (2020)
  • National Curriculum
  • Western Australian Curriculum
  • Bishop’s Mandate (2009)
  • SMC Strategic Plan
  • SMC Learning for Life initiative
  • SMC Mental Health Strategy

Other organisations to be considered include:

  • Catholic Education Western Australia
  • Mercy Education Limited

As you can see it is a formidable undertaking. However, we believe the document will hold us accountable and form the foundations of an even stronger culture of care at the College.

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