International Day of the Girl

Spreading a Little Kindness

The International Day of the Girl fell during the school holidays on 11 October. In celebration of the day, on Wednesday during Homeroom, students participated in a kindness activity where they were asked to select a compliment card to give to a partner. The girls were encouraged to take another card and hand these out to fellow students during the day to spread kindness around the College!

This activity is a celebration of the International Day of the Girl, recognising that not all girls around the world enjoy the same opportunities, with regards to education and other basic human rights. The activity was intended to show how simple acts of kindness can make a huge difference to others. We hope the girls enjoyed spreading a little kindness around the College and that perhaps some of the cards were shared at home with you!

Year 7 students Ava Law and Abigale Smith share their thoughts on the activity:

Ava said, I enjoyed the activity in Homeroom that we did because everyone had a smile on their faces.

Abigale said, I enjoyed this activity because everyone was getting involved and having a good time. I think it was great because it was easy, but fun as well to participate in.

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