Introducing Alicia Tory, Deputy Head Girl for 2022

What do you hope to bring to the College Community in your role as Deputy Head Girl?

As Deputy Head Girl, I hope to continue the empowerment, kindness, and respect shown in the College. I strongly believe in promoting respect between each other and different year groups at the College, as this creates a special camaraderie and a cohesive community. I hope that doing this will create a positive and happy school environment where girls can thrive in whatever they want to achieve, whether a sport, the arts, or academics, bringing out the best in every girl. I wish to encourage and promote participation within the College community and fully immerse girls in school activities. This will allow students to make friendships with older girls and girls they don’t know and open up a new opportunity to something they enjoy.  

Why did you apply for a leadership position?

I applied for a leadership position because it has always been a dream and aspiration to be a leader in Year 12. I have two older sisters who also went to Santa Maria. I remember going to Awards Nights and other functions and seeing the leaders, specifically the Head Girl and Deputy Head Girl and being inspired by them. Since being at the College, it has further fuelled my inspiration, as I was able to see the positive contribution the leadership committee brings and how special it would be if I could do the same. Now I am in that position, I am excited for the positive contributions I can bring, as well as the rest of the Student Leadership Council.

Who do you admire, and what is it that you admire about them the most?

I admire my mum, Fiona. She is a single mum of three girls and always manages to put others before herself. She always takes the time out of her day to help others and make sure everyone is happy. She is also the kindest and most caring person; she pushes others to be the best person they can be and pushes herself to be the best person she can be. She has always supported me and loved me in everything I do. She has made me who I am today and every day she inspires me. 

If you could sit down and have a conversation with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

If I could have a conversation with anyone, it would be Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the second female justice of the US Supreme Court and proud leader and advocate of women’s rights in America during the 1970s. Ruth showed resilience, dedication, and motivation for a cause she was passionate about. She never gave up, despite being knocked down many times. It would be interesting to have a conversation with her about her struggles and what she would say to young women today. She is a true inspiration; especially for young women and it would be insightful to be able to talk to her about her life.  

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