Introducing Head Boarder 2022 – Sarah Currell

Introducing Head Boarder 2022 – Sarah Currell

Following on from our stories last week about the 2022 Student Leadership Team, we introduce you to our boarding leaders this week.

It is with great pleasure we introduce you to Sarah Currell, Head Boarder for 2022.

What do you hope to bring to the boarding community in your role as Head Boarder?

I hope to be a friend. I want to be someone the girls can come to about anything, whether it be about school or boarding. I want them to feel comfortable around me and trust that I have their backs and will stand up for them and what they want to see. I want to help guide our community through this next year, hopefully making even more friendships. I also want to be a voice for each girl, to help make boarding more like a home away from home.

What do you love about boarding?

What I love about boarding are the girls. Everyone says it, but I genuinely mean it. I love the uncontrolled giggles at 12.00 am blasting music down the halls or everyone stressing over the same things. I love boarding because not only do you make friends, but you also become sisters. We laugh, we fight, but in the end, we are all in the same boat, and we all get along really well, even between the younger and older girls.

Where are you from?

I am originally from Perth, but I’m boarding from Saudi Arabia, it’s 9515km away, or right next to Africa. It’s an 11-hour flight to Dubai and then a short 1-hour flight into Dammam. I moved there in December 2015 with my dad’s job and have lived there ever since. It’s been amazing. The experiences I have been given, the challenges I have faced, and the friends I have made; it’s been an incredible journey I never imagined taking.

If you sit down and have a conversation with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

I would love to sit down with my Nanna. She passed away when I was one year old. I’ve heard so many stories about her from my family. She seemed like such a loving, caring, and passionate person, which I think sounds like me, so I think that we would have gotten along. I hope I have followed in her footsteps by trying to be a loving, caring, and passionate person in all that I do. I hope I can continue to follow in her footsteps as I take on the role of Head Boarder. I hope that even if I never get the chance to talk to her, that she is proud of me

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