Introducing Head Boarder: Sage Murphy

What do you hope to bring to Boarding as Head Boarder?

As Head Boarder for 2021, I want to promote Santa Maria Boarding as a supportive and positive environment, where all girls feel invited and encouraged to learn, grow, and flourish. To really embrace the concept of Boarding being a home away from home.

I believe that student wellbeing is at the core of this community. My focus is on helping each and every girl in discovering and developing their strengths, so they may strive for success in all aspects of life and lead them to engaged and meaningful lives.

I want to ensure that Boarding is an environment that nurtures valuable life skills, building both confidence and resilience, so that girls may grow into strong, independent women.

More importantly, I hope to encourage girls across all ages to fully immerse themselves in a Boarding community that stimulates the development of students and strong relationships.

Our Boarding community consists of four vibrant Houses, two senior and two juniors, which unite girls from different backgrounds, cultures, and countries, teaching them to live and learn together. Despite the age separation, I want to promote interpersonal relationships between both junior and senior houses.

Where are you from?

I come from Boyup Brook, a small country town, three hours south of Perth. Boyup Brook is a mixed-farming community where students have the option of transitioning to boarding school or attending the local district high school. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to attend Santa Maria College.

What do you love about Boarding?

Boarding has been rewarding for me both personally and socially. Moving away from my home and family was a very daunting and challenging experience. However, I’ve become aware of the true Boarding culture by building relationships with girls across all years. Boarding has provided me with the opportunity to be a mentor and form powerful bonds that embody sisterhood. Ultimately, I have developed a greater level of independence, compassion and appreciation for the world in which we live today. Attending such a prestigious boarding school, I have become aware and appreciative of the various backgrounds girls come from; both within Australia and around the world.

What’s one thing that most people don’t know about you?

Most people don’t know that I am one day hoping to hike the Kokoda Trail amongst the Owen Stanley Ranges of Papua New Guinea. The reason I wish to do this is to experience a monumental part of Australian history. It’s an opportunity to witness the adventures of many Australian soldiers during World War 2.

What do you do to unwind?

The way I unwind is exercising with friends within Boarding. Exercising allows me to de-stress and clear my thoughts. More importantly, it provides me with the opportunity to be healthy and socialise with friends.

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