Introducing Our 2020 Student Leadership Council

It is with great pride that I introduce and congratulate our students who have been elected to the Year 12 Student Leadership Council for 2020. I hope each of these students will clearly demonstrate our Mercy values of Hospitality, Compassion, Justice, Service and Excellence.

Commencing in Term 4, our newly elected student leaders will take up their positions and have an important part to play as role models for our younger students, setting the tone and initiating change, which will see the continued growth of Santa Maria College.

Congratulations to all our Year 12 Leaders for 2020

Jennifer Oaten, Principal

Student Executive

Jasmine Chow
Head Girl

Tolu Sorunmu
Deputy Head Girl

Harriet Comerford-Smith
Head Boarder

Mackenzie Goss
Deputy Head Boarder

Portfolio Captains

Oliva Von Bertouch
Academic Captain

Ava Murphy
Eco Justice Captain

Eloise Davis
Liturgy Captain

Hannah Ward
Media Captain

Kate Kinsella
Music Captain

Sophie Kelly
Performing Arts Captain

Tehya Conroy
Service Captain

Meg Hebiton
Sports Captain

Kate Loughnan
Visual Arts Captain

Charlotte Scurry
Wellbeing Captain

House Captains

Maya Faulds
Byrne House

Ruby Minervini
Byrne House Coordinator

Jessica Colley
Corbett House Captain

Lana Salvucci
Corbett House

Josephine Denner
de la Hoyde House Captain

Paige Kullack
de la Hoyde House Captain

Kate Naunton-Morgan
Dillon House Captain

Grace Steber
Dillon House Captain

Helena Kang
Frayne House Captain

Sophie Eastaugh
Frayne House

Georgia Portlock
Kelly House Captain

Abbey Richardson
Kelly House Captain

Ilenia Monaco
O’Donnell House Captain

Claudia Rich
O’Donnell House Captain

Jenna Clark
O’Reilly House Captain

Alana Scafetta
O’Reilly House Captain

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