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Introducing Our 2024 Student Representative Council

In a heartwarming ceremony held this morning, Santa Maria College proudly commissioned its student leaders for 2024. Surrounded by their families, these young students will step into their new roles from the commencement of Term 4. This momentous occasion marked the beginning of a new chapter in their educational journey and an opportunity to make a positive impact on our school community.

The 2024 student leadership team is a diverse group representing various year levels from Years 6 – 12. This inclusive approach ensures that the school’s leadership is a true reflection of the student body and encourages unity among different age groups. These leaders will play a vital role in fostering a supportive and inclusive school environment where everyone feels heard and valued.

While the student leaders for Years 6 – 12 have been officially commissioned, Year 7 leaders will be announced early in 2024. This decision allows for new students joining the school from other primary schools to be considered for leadership roles, ensuring that all students have an equal opportunity to contribute to their school community.

Being selected as a student leader is a significant achievement and a testament to the dedication and leadership potential of these young individuals. They have demonstrated qualities such as responsibility, empathy, and a commitment to making a positive difference in their school community.

As leaders, these students will face both challenges and opportunities in the coming year. They will have the chance to initiate and lead projects, organise events, and represent their peers in various capacities. These experiences will not only enhance their leadership skills but also help them develop a deeper understanding of teamwork and responsibility.

Meet our 2024 Student Representative Council

Head GirlIsabella Morrison 
Deputy Head GirlElizabeth Wignell 
Head BoarderAnnie Fulwood 
Deputy Head BoarderMaya Nicholls 
Boarding CouncillorsLauren Paganoni 
 Rose Simkin 
 Orla Fowler 
Portfolio Captains  
Academic CaptainSanjana David Selvendra 
Eco Justice CaptainArlena Garces 
Ministry CaptainGrace Westerhout 
Media CaptainAlyssa Combes 
Music CaptainMadison Pino  
Performing Arts CaptainRainy Guimbeau 
Service CaptainStella McNally 
Sports CaptainAva Forrest 
Visual Arts CaptainOlivia Miller 
Wellbeing CaptainAshleigh Stockil 
House Captains  
Byrne Macie BrennanAllegra Tsagaris
Corbett Olivia FullerTayla Rijavec 
de la HoydeIsabel MartinezAbigale Smith
DillonMontana KnightLana Fitzgerald
FrayneEmily MolonyKahla Olsen
KellyKallysta LimJasmine Leighton
O’DonnellElla SharmanShayla Keane
O’ReillyTiani TeakleAva Law
ByrneSofia GotsisBianca Stanes
CorbettScarlett ForzattiStephanie Hicks
DillonHannah AbbottAnnika Conte
de la HoydeSophie De VitaElla Patching
FrayneKate BuzzardEva Longstaff
KellyIsabella LuRuby Mastaglia
O’DonnellTess KinsellaPaige Lagana
O’ReillyCarys GourlayAlivia Parker
ByrneJasmine FullerAddison Hayward
CorbettNiamh Moss Olivia Rijavec
de la HoydeLilian HoughAnahat Singh
DillonChloe DartnalIsla Field
FrayneLily LeesonPippa Smith
KellySophie CollinsAlyssa Stipinovic
O’DonnellSiyana BernardBronagh Fowler
O’ReillyElizabeth KaneElla Prophet
ByrneKeira HawkinsSummer Nguyen
CorbettSofia Galeano RiverosSarann Pretorius
de La HoydeMatilda ConnellyEva Zaninovich
DillonSophie GaultSiobhan Hanbidge
FrayneTherese RobertsonFelicity Toussaint
KellyAmelie CotteEva Matthews
O’DonnellAdayna Fozdar Claudia D’Souza
O’ReillyGrace BoltonLucy Middleton
ByrneLianne KimAdele Tavani
CorbettSadie DraperLucy Lomma
de La HoydeRuby BeaverAmelie Dawson
DillonGenevieve McGrathGiselle Millen
FrayneAdelaide ReadingMalia Southcott
KellyBonnie NelsonAmelie Zafer
O’DonnellRuby RileyIsabella Sutton
O’ReillyDarci BorgwardMolly Haeusler
ByrneAlison Drury
CorbettSkyla Collova
de la HoydeMatilda McAllister
DillonAva Hicks
FrayneEllie Germinario
KellyBrooke Tyrrell
O’DonnellIsabel Jith
O’ReillyAnia Watson

As they embark on this leadership journey, we look forward to witnessing their growth, their achievements, and the positive changes they will bring to our school in the coming year.


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