Introducing Our OGA Committee – Chelsie Wheeler (Heal, 1999)

After leaving Santa Maria I worked and travelled. I then entered university as a mature age student to study to become a Primary School teacher.  I currently teach two days a week as the Wellbeing Teacher at Hammond Park Catholic Primary School. It’s a job I absolutely love!

I have been married for 10 years and have two girls aged 8 and 7 who still enjoy having their Mum as a teacher at school (for now).  We enjoy getting back to nature and traveling; exploring this beautiful state we live in.

I have been involved in the OGA for the past two years and thoroughly enjoyed it. I have reconnected with good friends from boarding school and have enjoyed seeing how the school has grown and changed. I particularly love helping out at the reunions, getting to see the classes come back together and reminisce.

My fondest memories at Santa all involve my time in the boarding school. We had so much fun together and some of my closest friends now are those that I met at boarding school. I remember weekends full of sport, walks along the beautiful river, and afternoons spent around the grounds. 

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