Isobel Gives Us the Weather

Class of 2014 graduate Isobel Rushe recently got in touch with us to update her details and through emails, we discovered she has a pretty cool job as a weather producer for the Today Show on Channel 9. We asked Isobel to share her story.

What did you do upon leaving Santa Maria?

Where do I start? I have moved around quite a lot since leaving Santa. I first moved to Sydney about 12 months after graduating. There, I realised I could pursue almost any career, as I had many doors open for me. I decided to take a punt and study Journalism, which I was always interested in but didn’t necessarily have the guts to do back home in Perth. Within a few months, I began reading news bulletins on a small radio station. From there, I moved to Fox Sports, where I voiced and created wrap packages for all the major sporting events, ranging from Cricket to AFL to Rugby (I soon realised there were two types of, NRL and Union). After nearly two years at Fox, I got my start in breakfast television and scored a job with the Today Show on Channel 9. A job that I actually had to take a pay cut to secure (it is not always glamorous in the world of television), but it was a risk that well and truly paid off in the long run.

What’s your favourite memory from school?

I have so many fond memories of my time at Santa, but it was always the school community for me. I always felt surrounded by so many amazing families, and the friends you make there will last a lifetime.

Did you have a favourite subject and/or teacher?

I loved Art with Miss Bowden, in fact, my best friend and I used to go and visit her at lunchtime, that is how much we loved her! I also really loved English with Mr Phillips; he really inspired me to love the subject.

Tell us about your current role as a weather producer for the Today Show?

My job entails pretty much everything and anything! I am constantly on the road, travelling around Australia and the world with our weather presenter. My morning begins at about 3.00 am and usually ends around 7.00 – 8.00 pm at night. I am responsible for planning and executing 364 days of weather for the Today Show, which means the live locations, what we do in each cross, how we get there, where we stay, which flights we take, how we pay for said flights etc.


Isobel on location with the Today Show

How long have you been in this role?

I have dabbled in the role since 2020, but it has been mine full-time since July 2022.

What do you love most about your job?

I love how every day is different. We are constantly meeting and talking to people from all walks of life. One morning we might be at a farm herding cattle, and the next morning at a grand opening of a brand new venue. It is never dull, but sometimes I wish it was (haha). 

What took you to Queensland?

I moved to Queensland after six years of living in Sydney. I had always wanted to try living in the Sunshine State, and I was fortunate enough that the Today Show supported me in doing so.

What do you enjoy doing in your downtime? How do you relax?

I only get a little downtime due to my job, so when I do, I just want to be at home! I am constantly away and on planes, so nothing beats a few nights at home for me!

Do you have any advice for our students who might be thinking of a television career?

My advice would be to keep pushing, it is not an industry for the faint-hearted, and there really is no clear pathway to success. Always have what you want to achieve in plain sight and work towards it. It just takes time and determination (like every career).  My other tip would be to not settle for second best. Find your backbone and stick by it, you are your biggest cheerleader, and you need to believe in yourself for others to believe in you!

Thank you for sharing your story with us Isobel.

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