It Was Splashtacular!

With a range of activities planned for the oval and in the College pool, there were a few skeptics among our girls as our reworked Interhouse Swimming Carnival approached. However, our amazing students dived right in with such a positive attitude that it couldn’t help but be a raging success.

It was fantastic to see girls compete in a range of events in the pool, with more girls getting to swim in individual events than ever before. We also had students determined to be novelty champions and they took to these events with great enthusiasm.

The games we had on the oval proved to be just as popular, with many requiring skill and meticulous team work in order to be completed successfully.

One of the highlights of the day was the amazing performances we had at HBF Stadium. Our top swimmers took to the pool and produced some fabulous results. It was incredible to see the House spirit was still strong even with a smaller sized carnival. Our Year 12s must be applauded for supporting our students at this venue, proving that all of our senior students have wonderful leadership qualities.

A very big thank you must go to our Santa Maria College leadership team who threw 100% of their support behind the day. Our Physical Education staff who started with a crazy idea and turned the day into something spectacular at HBF and Santa Maria. Finally, the biggest thank you must go to our staff and students who fully embraced something new and made the best of an unprecedented situation.

Below are some of the achievements that must be celebrated from the day




  1. Corbett
  2. Kelly
  3. Frayne
  4. Byrne
  5. O’Donnell
  6. Dillon
  7. O’Reilly
  8. de la Hoyde

From our Sports Captain: Georgia Anderson

The 2021 Splashtacular Swimming Carnival was an awesome way to start the year off whilst living in these pandemic times. It was an amazing day where students got to be away from their classrooms and engage in a sport loved by many.

The infectious House spirit was buzzing all throughout the day at both HBF and at the College campus bringing everyone together.

We were so fortunate to still have a swimming carnival. It was a huge day, filled with memories I will cherish forever! I will treasure the swimming carnival as it is an Interhouse event where the Houses unite to strive to bring their name to the top!  

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