It’s All About Connection: Strive9 Implementation Day

Strive9 is all about connection. Connection to the community, our Homerooms, the society we live in, and each other. 


Year 9 Homerooms were required to think about a place in the community that could benefit from this outreach. Strive9 saw us reach out to St Gerard’s, Thornlie Primary School, the women’s refuge Harmony Place, Bathers Beach (clean-up), Kaarakin Black Cockatoo Conservation Centre, and many other schools across Australia.

The Process

You might ask, what is the process for Strive9? We started by looking inwards to each other within our Homeroom groups, bouncing off each other’s ideas to brainstorm and decide how we wanted to help our chosen group. While Explore8 (2019) urged us to problem-solve, Strive9 was about seeing a project through to the finish and collaborating as a Homeroom to produce a result that could be physically put out into the community.  

Not only did we learn the importance of service, compassion, and justice, but we were also able to strengthen relationships within our Homeroom groups.  

Advice for Future Strive9 Students

Don’t be afraid. I was a bit nervous going into Strive9, thinking that whatever ideas or thoughts I had about the project wouldn’t be heard. However, I was surprised. My Homeroom was welcoming and jumped on board with several of my ideas. I feel that taking such a step and expressing my opinion helped bring together the Strive9 project and create a healthier atmosphere in our Homeroom. 

Sharing such a journey was truly powerful. 

Sophia Marra, Year 9 O’Donnell

Student Reflections

I really enjoyed my time at Harmony Place. It opened my eyes to the experiences they were going through. The mums were very friendly and so were the kids. I really enjoyed seeing how happy they were when we were playing with them. Madison Weir (Corbett)

I loved Strive9 as we became so much closer as a homeroom. We collaborated really well together and had so many creative ideas that we bounced off each other. Lily Richardson (Kelly)

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