It’s Book Week!

What do costumes, competitions, secret passwords, superhero photos and Quidditch have in common? Why it’s Book Week at Santa Maria, of course!

The library has enjoyed an excitement-filled week of celebrating Book Week. While it’s certainly fun to dress up as our favourite book characters, Book Week reminds us of the importance of reading. Not only do we increase our vocabulary, taking time out and enjoying a good book does absolute wonders for our health! Many studies have proven how reading develops the brain. Reading strengthens the connections in the brain as well as igniting our curiosity and imagination! For young adult readers, reading is a chance to walk in someone else’s shoes. It’s an opportunity to develop empathy. To think about different point of views, even when they may not represent our own. Reading allows students to increase their knowledge and experience of the world. It allows them to reflect on who they are and who they want to be. So, while our various Book Week activities have been a blast, let’s embrace the theme of this year’s Book Week, “Reading is my secret superpower”. May we all take the time to read and empower ourselves.

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