Meet Our Staff: Jaye Quin, Art Technician

Meet Our Staff: Jaye Quin, Art Technician

I am one of the Art Department Technicians, a position I have held since July 2008. The job consists of a myriad of tasks, including purchasing materials, entering student forms for exhibitions, sewing garments for projects, firing ceramics, typing and printing labels for artwork and helping with exhibition and gallery installations. 

After attending Applecross High School, I studied Fashion Design before travelling and working in London for four years. I have a bit of a reputation for my skills in wrapping presents, the skills of which were learned from a job I had working in Harvey Nichols London, managing a gift-wrapping concession. One of the more adventurous trips I made during that time was riding a moped from Rome back to London. I wasn’t permitted to ride my 49cc bike on any motorways or major roads, so it was a case of taking the road less travelled and definitely the best way to see any country.

After returning to Perth, I met my husband who was in Fremantle to watch the America’s Cup challenge. We married the following year and moved back to his hometown of Victoria, British Columbia. While there I managed an art supply store and taught silk painting, bookbinding and marbling. We lived in Canada for ten years, moving back to Perth with our two children in 1998.

Textile art and book art continues to be my passion in art practice, and I have made the trip to Italy three times to study traditional methods of bookbinding with the Montefiascone Project. I am a member of the West Australian Fibre and Textile Association and participate in their annual exhibitions, including last year’s ‘Hanging by a Thread’ at the Holmes a Court Gallery. 

I love experimenting with new art methods and materials. I use some of my spare time creating work for exhibitions. The Art Department staff exhibit approximately every 18 months and we hope to hold our sixth group exhibition next year.

As Art Technician, I have found a creative, ever-changing job and have made close friends with the women with whom I work and who amaze and inspire me every day. 

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