Jesus Was A Refugee

The Social Justice co-curricular group, which is comprised of students from Years 10-12 recently ran a storytelling and activity session for Year 6 students focussing on the theme “Jesus was a Refugee”.

The Social Justice Group has been looking at injustices experienced by those seeking asylum and this term, have planned a number of activities within the College community to raise awareness and make a difference. Coincidentally, our Year 6 classes have been learning about reasons why people migrate to Australia, including to seek asylum and refugee status.

Social Justice Group members read the story “Jesus was a Refugee” by Australian writer and illustrator Andrew McDonough to Year 6 students. Following this, smaller groups were formed to complete themed activities planned and run by members of the Social Justice Group. Both Year 6 and the senior students thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity of learning and sharing together.It was a really nice activity to be a part of – all of the Year 6 girls were really attentive and interested in both the story and the activities. The current issue of asylum seekers and refugees is one that needs to be talked about, and to educate some younger girls on the issue through a simple topic was something I thought was really important and helpful. Genevieve Reid, Year 12

Spending time with the Year 6 girls was a rewarding experience, especially within the context of discussing Jesus As a Refugee, in line with the focus of the Social Justice group at the moment. Interacting with the younger girls was really enjoyable and I was impressed by the insight they brought to the discussion. Stephanie Haines, Year 12

 It was such a great opportunity to connect with the Year 6 girls and to gain a closer insight on their learning perspective. I loved working with the girls to form a dice which displayed Jesus’ journey as a refugee whilst building conversation. Social Justice is such a unique service group that tries to implement strategies in order to help society grow into one that is fair and just. Its main focus is to encourage inclusion of all. The presentation and activities we ran for the girls enabled them to discover how Jesus himself was a refugee and the crucial necessity to fight for change in this area of victimisation. Monique D’Amato, Year 10

I thought that it was fun, interesting and informative. Charli Langton, Year 6

 I found the session really fun and I enjoyed it. I enjoyed completing the maze about Jesus as a refugee, moving to Egypt and Nazereth. Ashley Featherby, Year 6

 It was fun and enjoyable because I got to express myself with creativity. I was able to put my own twist on a picture of the border security man who asked Jesus questions when he wanted to move to a different country. Mary Scott, Year 6

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