Jordan Wins National Teacher Artist Prize

A huge congratulations to Visual Arts teacher, Jordan Andreotta, who is the winner of the National Teacher – Artist Prize for 2022! Jordan was announced as the winner at the Lennox Gallery in Melbourne last weekend.

We asked Jordan to tell us a little about his artwork.

“The artwork is part of a new series of oil paintings that I began at the beginning of the year, during the school holidays. Within this series, I used the ‘ghost’ as a symbol for different physical and psychological barriers that people have experienced in recent years, particularly due to being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.”

 “The artwork took roughly two and a half days to paint. I tend to work most efficiently by dedicating large amounts of time over a few days straight when producing artwork.”, he said, “Once I have generated a concept, I start by creating preparatory sketches, followed by a photoshoot of the subject matter, which is useful for developing the composition.”

When asked what winning this award means to him, Jordan said, “Creating art is a process that is often very time consuming and comes with many sacrifices, so it is always great for an artist to receive recognition by winning an award. I feel that receiving this award has given me more drive and momentum to want to continue to push myself further as an artist and teacher of the Visual Arts.”

The people’s Choice Award is still open. If you’d like to support Jordan and his work, you can vote on this link.


In further news, Jordan has also been chosen as a finalist in the prestigious Mandorla Art Award for his series of paintings titled ‘Exspiravit’. The Mandorla Art Award is Australia’s most significant thematic Christian art prize. It attracts some of the country’s finest artists and has been going since 1985. Held every two years, it runs from 20 May to 10 June at Holmes à Court Gallery, West Perth.

Congratulations Jordan, we think you are a very worthy recipient of this award, and we look forward to seeing more of your art.

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