Junior Sprouts Have a New Aquaponics Tank

Junior Sprouts has an aquaponics tank!

The girls have started the term guns blazing, researching what aquaponics is and which plants and fish will be best for us to use. We have bought 16 goldfish and a range of herbs and vegetables such as strawberries, basil, rocket, tomatoes and parsley. We will add some yabbies a bit later in the term, too! The girls are responsible for feeding the fish, monitoring the water and checking on the plants. Our aim is to have a beautiful, flourishing garden that we can turn into a delicious salad.

“Aquaponics is an interesting and exciting way to keep your fish alive and plants growing all in one place at the same time. Aquaponics is when there are fish in a tank and when the fish poo, all the mucky water gets sucked up into a tube to where all the plants are being grown. The plants are using the water with the nutrients from the fish poo to help them grow. Once the plants have been fertilised with the dirty water, it then becomes clean water and the water goes back into the fish tank nice and fresh.” Ayla Keady

“It’s cool how the fish poo helps the plants to grow. I’m excited to eat the food when it’s grown big enough” Aasha Bianchini

“I can’t wait to see if the plants actually grow. Everything is working so far so we should have some yummy food.” Sofia Serpentzis

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