Karate Champions Ready to Conquer the National Championships

L to R: Sophie De Vita, Sofia Gotsis, Melina Gotsis and Lauren Markham

Four of our students have been selected to compete in the Australian National Karate Championships to be held in Perth this August. The girls are Melina Gotsis, Sophie De Vita, Sofia Gotsis, and Lauren Markham. Together, these remarkable young athletes boast an astounding 46 years of combined experience in the dojo!

The Australian National Championships will see these young martial artists compete in Kata and Kumite events, demonstrating their expertise and dedication honed through their years of training. Kata, a solo sequence of movements, showcases the girls’ technical proficiency and form. Kumite allows them to showcase their fighting prowess, taking on opponents with skill and strategy.

Sophie De Vita (Year 10)

Experience: 5 years

Sophie is thrilled about the opportunity to compete against athletes from all over Australia. Her participation in multiple events demonstrates her confidence and passion for the sport. For Sophie, the camaraderie among karate practitioners is what she cherishes most—an aspect that fosters a sense of unity and mutual respect.

Sofia Gotsis (Year 10)

Experience: 10 years

Sofia’s dedication to karate is evident in her decade-long journey in the art. Moving up an age category, she eagerly looks forward to having her team’s unwavering support during the championship. Sofia’s love for the beauty and athleticism of karate is evident, and she treasures the family-like bonds forged with her fellow teammates, emphasising the immense support they offer each other.

Melina Gotsis (Year 8)

Experience: 8 ½ years

Melina’s enthusiasm for her events shines through as she shares her year-long preparation for the championships. Competing in both Kata and Kumite, she showcases her versatility and dedication to the sport. When asked about what she loves most, Melina emphasises the lifelong friendships she has built through karate – a testament to the camaraderie and support within the karate community.

Lauren Markham (Year 8)

Experience: 8 years

Lauren is excited to be competing with athletes from other states and territories. As an enthusiastic participant in both Kata and Kumite, she appreciates the challenges and disciplines the sport instils in her. Lauren finds joy in forging new friendships, a wonderful outcome of participating in karate.

We wish Sophie, Sofia, Melina and Lauren the best of luck in the Australian National Championships. Their passion, dedication, and love for karate are inspiring, and we have no doubt they will make their entire karate community proud.

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