Kate Izydorski (2011) for Interior Design Graduate of the Year

What is the award that you have been nominated for?

GOTYA is the Graduate of The Year Awards presented by the Design Institute of Australia for emerging designers. The intent is to support and celebrate designers from around Australia in the early stages of their careers. 

The nominations are open for eight categories within fashion, interiors, furniture, product design, and visual communication. Interior Designer of the Year is the category I have been nominated for.

How were you nominated for the award?

Tertiary educations can nominate a select number of graduates within each category, nominations are based on the graduate’s work during the completion of the degree, but also on work ethic and perceived ability to transfer skills to the workplace. I was nominated by the lecturing and management team at Collarts. 

From here, I am to complete the application due at the end of May, which requires a curation of presentation boards showcasing projects completed during my final year of study. Additional to this is a report and interview.

Tell us how about your time at Santa Maria and if it helped shape your passion for design?

Whilst my passion for design was not ignited until after my time at Santa Maria, I believe that the Arts programs which were on offer at the College, and positively encouraged within the school, provided me with invaluable experiences and learning opportunities. Visual Art class and Applied Information Technology are both subjects that particularly stand out to me, seeing as my degree was both visual and highly technical.

Where do you see yourself in the future?

The future I see is bright, it’s challenging but also very rewarding. I hope to see myself constantly evolving, continuing to learn, and one day operating my own design practice. 

If you could sit down with one person who would that be and why?

David Flack of Flack Studio. I have for many years been so intrigued, blown away, and in awe of the work that comes out of Flack Studio HQ. Their use of layered colour, texture, and art is so special. Additionally, the practice’s commitment to community involvement, education, and industry development are very humbling. 

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