Kelly’s Journey: From Journalist to Marketing

Kelly and the City of Perth Communications & Marketing Team (Kelly is fourth from left in back row.)

Kelly Eadie, (Elder, 1988) graduated from Santa Maria in 1988. After graduation, she studied journalism at Curtin University. Following this, she worked as a journalist before moving into marketing and communications. 

Having graduated from Curtin University’s Journalism program, Kelly set out on an exciting career. Over a span of more than a decade, she gained diverse perspectives while working in Perth, London, and Melbourne. Eventually, Kelly made the move into media and communications roles. Experiences working with prominent organisations like Corrections Victoria and Tourism WA served as valuable stepping stones toward her current position with the City of Perth as Head of Communications and Marketing.

Every day is different in Kelly’s role with the City of Perth. She tackles a wide range of subjects, including local government matters like infrastructure and finance, to promoting Perth as a great place to visit and invest in. The dynamic nature of her work keeps her engaged and adaptable to new challenges. Kelly is lucky to work and collaborate with an incredible team.

Reflecting on her time at Santa Maria, Kelly fondly remembers dressing up as a terrorist on her final day of school, something she says wouldn’t happen today! Additionally, she attributes a significant influence on her career path to Mr Yensch, her Year 6 teacher, who encouraged Kelly’s passion for writing and effective communication, shaping her trajectory towards her career in communication and marketing. She explains, “He was the one that influenced me to take up a career that involved writing and speaking to people. When I was in Year 11, I was keen to drop chemistry because I wasn’t doing that well. He convinced me to take English instead and pursue a more arts-aligned career and science. And here I am. Thanks, Mr Yensch. 

When asked who she admires and why, Kelly said “My mum inspires me. She had my sister and I when she was very young and went back to study and start a teaching career when she was in her 40s. It was a brave and incredible thing to do.”

Thank you for sharing your story Kelly. 

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