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What You Need To Know About Girls And Their Frenemies

In schools we talk constantly about protecting girls from harm. We teach them about paedophiles, on-line grooming, sexting, and the harm caused by drug and alcohol use. In reality, the more likely destructive influence on an adolescent girl’s day to day life is the damage they do to one another in their friendship groups…Relational aggression.

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Perfection Paralysis

Perfection paralysis is the fear of starting a task for fear of not getting it exactly right. What drives perfection paralysis and how can we help kids overcome it?

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Growing Brave Kids

It is important that we raise brave kids. We want them to take risks intellectually, emotionally, and physically. Here’s how we can develop bravery…

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Safer on Screen

A new report shows some teens are getting better at dealing with unwanted online attention. Here are 10 tips to make sure your child is one of them.

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