Languages’ Cultural Day


Authentic French pastries and artisanal gelato are on the menu for recess and lunch today… because it’s Languages’ Cultural Day here at Santa Maria. However, Languages’ Cultural day isn’t just about enjoying rich foods. It’s also about appreciating cultures that are different to our own.

Linda Macdonald, Head of the Languages Learning Area, said, “It can be challenging to speak a language different to your own. It requires you to step out of your comfort zone and take a chance. By gaining an appreciation for how difficult it can be to speak another language, we hope that our girls practice tolerance and acceptance to those from different cultures.”

Proceeds from the food stalls will go directly to Catholic Mission, who support vulnerable children in French-speaking countries such as the Congo.

Learning about Francophone (French-speaking) countries is a large component of the Year 12 curriculum, so today is a great opportunity for girls to actualise their learning.

Emilia Cottino, the Cultural Captain for Year 12, will be taking on a roaming reporter role today. Emilia, who recently returned from Italy on a summer exchange program, said, “The food can be a great way to draw younger girls into languages. Without days like this, I’d never have had the motivation to travel to Italy”.

As well as the food, there will be a performance from Little Miss Squeezebox, who plays the piano accordion and teaches the tarantella dance.

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