Languages Department Wins Two Awards

The Santa Maria Languages Department recently received two awards for its involvement and commitment to the WAATI/Intercultura student exchange program. One award for hosting over 40 Italian students and the other for sending over 25 students to Italy on exchange.

Our Italian teachers, as WAATI members, work as volunteers together with Intercultura Italy, collating and reviewing applications, conducting interviews and matching students from our school with students from Italy. We also act as supporters and advocates for the visiting students as well as host families.

Similarly, our French teachers work with Nacel for exchanges to France (as well as Italy).  Véronique Heekeng our Senior Years French specialist and former Secretary of La Réunion Student Exchange, recommends exchanges to France with Nacel or the WA La Réunion Student Exchange, for those students wanting to immerse themselves in the French language a little closer to home in a tropical island setting.

If you or your daughter would like more information regarding International Exchange Programs please contact the Languages Department

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