Larissa Oliver (2010)

What has been your journey since leaving Santa Maria College?

Since leaving Santa Maria, I delved straight into a three- and half-year Bachelor of Science (Nursing) at Curtin University. I was worried that if I took any time off studying, I would never want to go back. Boy was I wrong!

Since then I have completed a Graduate Certificate in Clinical Nursing at Notre Dame and I am currently undertaking Postgraduate studies at Edith Cowan University in Emergency Disaster Management, which seems a little fitting during a pandemic. 

I have chosen this degree in the hope that after five years of Emergency experience (currently up to three), I might be a considered applicant for AUSMAT (Australian Medical Assistance Teams).

I have worked as a mental health, stroke, and rehab and surgical nurse and I have certainly found my niche in emergency.

I now live in the little town of Mount Barker. I fell in love with a farmer from Cranbrook whilst working on the CBH bins one university summer. I travel to Albany every day for work. I just couldn’t leave the Great Southern, I love being close to family in Gnowangerup and I thoroughly enjoy the small country town lifestyle. I can also enjoy the luxury of Albany and its amazing beaches just 30 minutes away.

What has been a highlight along the way?

There are lots of highlights in my life since leaving Santa Maria, including meeting my incredible partner Jack and being fortunate to travel parts of our amazing world. I’ve done some volunteering along the way, landed my dream job in a country emergency department, witnessed one of my best friends marry the love of her life. I’ve been able to play for Mount Barker’s inaugural women’s football team and watched my good friends’ little babes grow. Life in itself is a highlight.

What is one of your fondest memories from your time at Santa Maria College?

My fondest memories of my time as a boarding student at Santa Maria are mostly from boarding school. There are far too many to pick from, however, some of my favourites would have to be:

  • dragging cushions into each other’s rooms for sleepovers on the weekend and staying up all hours of the night talking and giggling.
  • writing each other letters in class and reading them at the end of the day
  • cooking chocolate self-sauce pudding in the microwave and adding in M&Ms – it truly was delicious
  • going to socials
  • having an endless amount of friends outfits to choose from
  • dressing up and doing crazy make-up just for fun on weekends
  • and just being lucky enough to live with our best friends 24 hours a day!

If I had to choose one memory from school, it would be drama and music. I was never good enough to pursue either as a career but boy oh boy do I miss school productions and singing, even if I was terrible at dancing.

Larissa Oliver (2010) Boarding Student

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