Last Week In Boarding

My Kitchen Rules Competition in Ursula House

We decided to have a My Kitchen Rules competition and we each had to cook a sweet treat. Myself and Annie baked brownies, Abbey and Carly baked choc chip cookies and Ginger, Jorja, and Ally baked cupcakes. The judges where Lily, Emma and Bella. They were judging us on presentation and taste. It was a tough decision but the brownies won and the choc chips came second. We really enjoyed cooking together and the food was really good. 
Macie Brennan, Year 7

Year 7 Camp

My favourite activity was the zip line because you went flying in the air and you went so fast.

My favourite meal was the dessert, which was delicious. It was yummy ice cream and jelly and camp leaders said I could have the leftovers, which was great.

The people that took us and looked after us were amazing, and they knew a whole heap of information. I got to make amazing new friends and I had an amazing experience I would do it again for sure.
Jorja Squiers, Year 7 

Recreation Activities

Below is the In house Recreation that was offered this last weekend. Vanessa Carmody will be working with the Rec committee during this week to organise another weekend of fun in house Rec activities for every girl. 

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