Last Week In Boarding

Games on the oval on Friday afternoon

Elouise Parsons and Grace Peacock were the heroes of Friday afternoon’s games on the oval. These two girls asked the P.E. department if Boarding could use some extra equipment. Mrs Julie Schubert, Head of PE kindly brought the girls a bag full of gear. Elouise and Grace took the initiative to go around to each house and personally invite the girls to join in a game of dodgeball on the oval (they were also great at reminding the girls to remain 1.5m apart!).

Mrs Carmody, Cleona (our GAP student) and Mrs Webster were there during the afternoon. We learnt a new game called Doctor Dodge Ball, although we are still quite confused with the rules, as was Michelle Latham (Meg Latham’s Mum) who was also watching the girls play. Thanks to Elouise and Grace and also Sophie Hilder who helped out and for inspiring so many girls to get some fresh air and play!

Dance competition on Saturday night
What teenage girl doesn’t love a ‘Dance Offf’. On Saturday night, the girls met in the Boarding Rec Centre to showcase their dance skits and compete for a win! The girls had a fantastic time! Aimee one of our incredible Boarding Supervisors said it was a ‘HUGE HIT’ with all the girls. It really is so lovely to watch the girls simply having fun and laughing.

A play at the Year 5&6 playground at the College
The Junior School playground was a place for play and fun on the weekend for Year 7 & 8 boarders, with supervision by our new relief Boarding Supervisor, Kayla Ferraz. 

It was an enjoyable afternoon of being out and about and playing. We will continue to have times at the playground with supervision.

Pet Selfie Competition in Ursula House
The girls often tell us that what they miss most about home (apart from their family!) are their pets. With this in mind I set the girls of Ursula House  a challenge over the long weekend to take a cute photo with their pet and bring it in.

Cathy, Mrs Webster, Mrs Carmody, Mrs Oaten and I, all did some as examples so that the girls could get some ideas and also get to see some of our own beloved pets. The photos were displayed on the whiteboard in Ursula House for all the girls to look at and to vote on their favourite. There were lots of giggles at the range of unusual and cute photos. Our winner was Eliza Treasure with this fun pic of her and her pet cow.                                                                                    
Aimee Deane, Ursula Boarding Supervisor

Celebrating Mel’s Special Birthday
Last week saw our very own Boarding Administration Assistant, Mel achieving a milestone age. She was very surprised and made to feel very special. A number of girls gave their time in decorating Mel’s office, putting up balloons and writing gorgeous birthday messages to her. The Boarding Community gave Mel some flowers, aromatherapy candles and of course some tasty chocolate.

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