Last Week in Boarding


In honour of International Women’s Day, boarders enjoyed another special dinner last week. The dinner was all about being dressed in as much purple, the internationally recognised colour to symbolise women, as possible.

The dinner was made even more special, as the girls sat in their Tribes; a new initiative in Boarding this year, which has been a great way for the girls to interact with boarders in other Year groups.

Ask your daughter if she is a Pink Koala, Blue Kangaroo, Yellow Emu or an Orange Dugite tribal member! 


Thank you to Ursula Isgar, House Mother from Bertrand House, for accompanying the Year 10 boarders on a fun-filled two hours at Cockburn Ice Rink on Friday 6 March, ice skating and socialising with other boarding schools. There were a few wobbly skaters, wet bottoms and lots of laughing.  

Ursula reported, “Fourteen of us climbed onto the coaster bus and headed to Bibra Lake for the Ice Skating.  The girls were all so excited as they would also be seeing friends from other schools.  The girls were given wrist bands and a safety brief, before getting their skates.  The music was played by request, so the girls enjoyed asking for lots of songs.  There were a few of the girls hanging onto the side rails and others who just took off.  

The girls skated for about an hour and a few of them fell over, but for the most part, did really well. By the end of the session, the girls were so tired and many had sore ankles (even with the right socks!) but they did have great fun.  All the schools left at the same time, so many buses pulling out all at once. The girls so desperately wanted to beat our brother school, Aquinas out of the gates, but it was not to be…perhaps next time.”


Chris Kain generously accompanied thirteen of the Year 11 and 12 boarders to Telethon7 Community Outdoor Cinemas at Burswood. The weather was magical, the bean bags comfy and the snacks were delicious. Thank you Chris and well-done girls on your exceptional behaviour!  

“The movie we saw on Saturday night 1917 was an eye-opener to what the real situation and harsh reality of war was like which we had never been enlightened to. The atmosphere was great with the river been next to us, sitting on the bean bags indulging in some popcorn and chocolate. A few tears were shed but the night as a whole was a night well spent’ 
Lily Haeusler and Tara Ralph, Year 12

ADVENTURE WORLD (Years 7, 8 and 9) 

Adventure World never fails to impress our girls. It really is one of their favourite rec activities. This year we delayed the event until the first weekend back after the Exeat weekend. The intention in delaying this activity was that Adventure World would not be as busy or as hot as the beginning of the term and it is something to look forward to after the Exeat break. A big thank you to Aimee Deane, Mel Gillougley, Jodie Brindley and Karen MacDonald for the care and supervision they provided for our girls.  

“Adventure World was great fun for all of us, it was such a great day to be there, as there were hardly any queues for the rides. It was a great weekend to do it because the weather was perfect and much better than the original date it was to be held on. The sun wasn’t scorching hot but it wasn’t cold either. It was a great idea to have wrist bands with money on them so we could go and get food whenever we were hungry.” Annie Fulwood, Year 8 

“Adventure World was one of those days you look forward to. The fast, on the edge of your seat rollercoasters and the relaxed laid-back waterslides. I am not one for the fast roller coaster and spend most of my time on the waterslides. It was really a buzz of excitement each time you went on the tube, minutes away from going down the slides. My particular favourite of the day was the Kraken, which I visited eight times. The staff were really warm and welcoming and always made us laugh, and I’m pretty sure us Santa girls were their favourites. Another water slide that I enjoyed was the Rocky Mountains. It was rush of energy, trying to stop yourself from going down a big slope while grabbing onto your friend and pulling her down with you. The day was not too cold, neither too hot, nor a massive queue wasn’t in sight. My time at Adventure World is truly a day that I look forward to every year and I am very grateful that we get to have this experience.’  Maya Nicholls, Year 8 

I thought Adventure World was good fun, we had lots to do with friends. The rides were awesome and especially going on them multiple times with friends just having a good laugh. It was an awesome experience for all girls especially the Year 7 students that have never been before.  Zarah Squiers, Year 9  

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