Leadership Training Day

Last Thursday the College held an assembly to commission the leaders of 2021. This week, leadership training and formation sessions of these leaders were held to start these girls on their journey.

Our student leaders gathered together and after an opening prayer from Director of Mission Jilly Landers, Mrs Oaten addressed the girls challenging them to show initiative and fill a need should they identify one.

The House Coordinators and Tracy Webster led their respective students in a session guided by Linda Stade to help re-shape and create new House mottos, drawing on the knowledge and history of their Houses, and the sister after whom their Houses are named. We are excited to see what the girls will put forward as their new House motto!

A key focus point of our Mental Health Strategy is for us to ensure that we build a culture of kindness. Thus after lunch, the students met with their Dean of Year as they focused on the needs of the different members of the College community. They decided upon kindness initiatives that they will be responsible for leading throughout their time in leadership, in an effort to inspire their peers.

The girls continued to work in these groups as they turned their attention to the needs of their own Year group, before looking more closely at needs and responsibilities aligned with each of the positions to which they have been elected.

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