Learning About Cyber Safety


Teaching students how to protect themselves online from potential harm is vital these days, especially as the time we spend online is increasing. During PCT this week, Years 5, 6 and 7 students attended a presentation from Jordan Foster from YSafe.

Ysafe delivers a variety of cyber safety programs for parents and students. The sessions cover information about online stranger danger and catphishing, protecting personal information, cyber-bullying, your digital footprint and staying safe online.

Year 7 student, Myah Waldock, said “I really enjoyed learning about cyber safety at PCT. Jordan from YSafe was really interesting. Jordan was very good at explaining cyber safety to us in an interesting way, and I loved how she weaved humour into her talk, making the experience fun and interesting. I really learnt much more about cyber safety today and I am really thankful for Jordan coming in to talk to us.

“I really enjoyed this talk because I learnt about the importance of being careful of what I do online, as well as acquiring skills to deal with being confronted or bullied online,” said Xavia Variyan, Year 7


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