Learning About Technology

It was lovely to see so many girls enjoying all the different aspects of technology provided during Technology Day. Donning tech themed face painting and stickers, the girls could have a look at the many displays of students’ work. During lunch, the Game Vault Bus came to the school. The bus is a mobile video gaming company. Students had the opportunity to be on a team with their friends and act as ‘Ghost Busters’. With four games running at a time, the bus was full of competitive energy. The outside of the bus saw a game of ‘Just Dance’, where four girls at a time could compete against each other in the ultimate virtual dance off. It was a great experience seeing the enthusiasm and excitement, giving us an opportunity to show the many ways technology can be in our lives.

Sarah Ciccarelli (Year 12) & Mia Torquato (Year 12 & Media Captain)‘My favourite part of Technology Day was trying on the virtual reality glasses. In the virtual reality that I experienced, I was a bee flying through a wooden log. It was so cool!’ Bonnie Pierre-Humbert (Year 5)


‘I loved watching how the 3D printer made Yoda! It blew my mind!’ Emma Piu (Year 5)


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