Learning Comes to Life in Political & Legal Studies

Year 10 Political & Legal Studies students were given the opportunity of a lifetime when a highly experienced member of the WA Police Force (and Santa Maria parent) Detective Sergeant Stephen Perejmibida visited the class. Steve talked to the girls about his work with the Macro Taskforce on WA’s most high-profile criminal case, a case the girls have been studying in class.

The students were able to ask questions about the technical aspects of the investigation in terms of gathering evidence, identifying leads, and eliminating suspects. The court trial was also discussed which gave the girls a fascinating insight into the rigour that goes into preparing a case and the stringent rules of evidence that need to be followed to secure a prosecution. The girls got a window into the real world; authentic implications of the ideas they are learning about in class. It was an amazing learning experience.

It was interesting hearing from someone who worked towards solving the case. Mr Perejmibida really helped us develop a timeline in our heads, which assists our understanding of the case. Sienna Morris

We learnt about the Claremont serial killings and how the police were involved in the process to find the murderer. It was really cool to get insight from someone who was directly working on the case. Lily Richardson

I am really grateful that Mr Perejmibida gave up his time to come and educate us on his experience with solving the Claremont serial killer case. It was very fascinating and interesting and has helped me develop a better understanding of this case from a different perspective, and from someone who was involved. Thanks so much, Mr Perejmibida. Monica Mirco

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