Learning for Life


Learning for Life

Our mission is to assist students to become self-directed and independent learners, intrinsically motivated, with a deep love of learning that will empower them to take responsibility for their own learning now and in their future lives.

Santa Maria College’s ‘Learning for Life’ pillar is at the core of our Strategic Plan, emphasising the development of diverse skills and attributes in our students. Our commitment includes:

Innovative Programs: We integrate forward-thinking programs into our curriculum to facilitate flexible learning and prepare our students to overcome future challenges. Through our unique ‘Connecting Learning to Life’ framework, we cultivate personal, social, thinking, and technical attributes in all aspects of education.

Learning for Life Framework

Our comprehensive framework, including the emPOWER program, cultivates a suite of attributes across social, personal, thinking, and technical spheres. We intertwine these attributes with our Catholic and Mercy heritage, fostering respect, compassion, collaboration, and stewardship, along with resilience, confidence, adaptability, and initiative. Our goal is to prepare our students not just for academics, but for the complexities of life.


In addition to English, Mathematics, Science, HaSS (Humanities & Social Sciences), and Religious Education, Santa Maria provides a program of elective subjects and co-curricular activities. These offerings complement the compulsory areas of study, enabling girls to discover their interests and passions.

Co-Curricular Activities
Our Co-curricular Program is rich and diverse, catering to a broad spectrum of interests and talents. Students can choose from a variety of faith, academic, cultural and sporting activities, allowing them to pursue their passions outside the classroom. Whether joining the debating team, participating in music ensembles, or engaging in community service projects, there is something for everyone at Santa Maria.

IGSSA Sports
Santa Maria proudly participates in the Independent Girls’ Schools Sports Association (IGSSA), offering a wide range of sporting opportunities for our students. From netball and basketball to AFL, soccer and athletics, our girls have the chance to compete at various levels while fostering teamwork, sportsmanship, and a healthy lifestyle.


Explore our current curriculum handbooks for Years 5 to 12 below. These comprehensive resources provide detailed insights into our academic programs, outlining the diverse range of subjects and extracurricular opportunities available to our students.

Years 5 & 6
Years 7, 8 & 9
Year 10
Years 11 & 12​

Science Electives

We offer unique Science electives for our students in Years 7 – 10. These provide insights into potential STEM careers. These electives cover a range of topics, from environmental science to neuroscience, allowing students to explore their interests and passions.

Gifted & Talented Program

At Santa Maria, we recognise the unique talents and interests of every student. To cater to academically gifted students, we have created the IGNITE Program. This dynamic curriculum offers a stimulating blend of STEM and creative arts courses, encouraging students to explore, innovate, and excel.

From Years 5 – 8, our students embark on an exciting journey of intellectual exploration and personal growth. Each term brings a different course designed to challenge, engage, and inspire. Our project-based assessments foster critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving abilities. The IGNITE Program is not solely focused on grades but on growth, providing constructive feedback to support continuous improvement and personal development.

By incorporating these initiatives, Santa Maria aims to optimise the learning experience, helping students evolve, push boundaries, and achieve academic excellence.


Transitioning from primary school to secondary school can be challenging for students, especially when faced with an increased workload. At Santa Maria’s Enrichment Centre, we understand the importance of providing support to help students succeed in their studies.

Our dedicated Learning Enrichment teachers offer valuable assistance in literacy and numeracy, both in the classroom and through personalised small group sessions. Our primary goal is to provide early intervention to students experiencing learning gaps or difficulties, empowering them to thrive academically.

Enhancing Wellbeing

At our College, we place utmost importance on the wellbeing of our students. That is why we have incorporated a comprehensive Mental Health Strategy into our educational framework. This strategy encompasses a range of supports and programs designed to foster the mental, emotional, and social wellbeing of our students. By establishing a solid foundation of care and empathy, our aim is to empower our students to flourish both within and beyond the school environment.

Transformative Learning Partnerships

Our commitment to education goes beyond the confines of the classroom. We forge valuable partnerships with industry leaders, community organisations, and educational institutions, propelling our students towards authentic learning experiences that bridge the gap between theory and real-world practice. Through these strategic collaborations, we empower our students with invaluable insights, practical projects, and a comprehensive understanding of how their studies contribute to society at large.

Empowering Educators

Our belief is that exceptional education begins with exceptional educators. That is why we provide continuous professional development, access to the latest educational research, and opportunities for innovative teaching practices. Our objective is to cultivate a vibrant learning environment that fosters creativity, embraces change, and implements evidence-based strategies. By investing in our educators, we equip them with the necessary tools and confidence to inspire students and navigate their path to success in an ever-evolving world. Join us to unlock the full potential of education!


Research has shown that girls in all-girls’ schools achieve significantly stronger academic results than any other group in Australia. If you are interested in learning about the research and benefits, please read our blog here.

At Santa Maria, we go beyond being an educational institution. We are a dedicated community that fosters future-ready individuals, empowering them to create a lasting impact on the world.


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