Leavers’ Jackets with a Message

Year 12 leavers’ jackets are a rite of passage. The jackets have special meaning to the girls and commemorate their final year. This year, the girls have gone one step further and have a jacket that is sustainable.

The Year 11 cohort have made substantial efforts in their time at the College to make an impact helping the environment through different service activities. Together they have planted over 24,000 trees. So, when Perth-based clothing company Top Solutions contacted the College to offer an eco-sustainable option for the leavers’ jackets, the girls were excited to put this proposal to the College Leadership Team

In partnership with Containers for Change, Top Solutions created eco-friendly jackets for the girls using recycled plastic bottles. The bottles are collected and shredded into flakes. They are then melted down to form plastic chips. Those chips are pulled into yarn, which is then dyed and woven into high-quality usable textiles. The methods used to produce the fabric are environmentally friendly. The company also uses biodegradable material to construct their packaging and boxes.

Representatives from Top Solutions and a team of student leaders worked together to come up with several designs before the cohort voted on the final design. The girls were presented with their leavers’ jackets this week and wear them proudly knowing they are helping to recycle waste and making a significant contribution to reducing global pollution.

Congratulations to the Class of 2022 on this wonderful initiative.

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