LEGO Mania Hits Santa Maria!

From L – R: Erin Connaughton, Matilda Reid and Sascha Finlay-Collins with their amazing Queen’s Crown

LEGO Mania hit Santa Maria in Term 2, as our students enthusiastically competed in Year group building challenges. Each Tuesday year groups formed small teams to come up with a design on themes such as ‘Space Adventure’,  ‘Dream House’ and ‘Fairy tale/fantasy’. The girls’ creativity and teamwork resulted in some amazing LEGO creations as well as lots of fun!

The final round saw each of our winning Year group teams compete to be crowned our very own LEGO Masters. The winning design, a ‘Queen’s Crown’ was built by Sascha Finlay-Collins, Erin Connaughton and Matilda Reid and is on display in the Sawle Centre. The girls received their own crowns in recognition.

Amanda Allen, Literacy Coordinator and English Teacher

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