Lessons on Stage with the Year 8s

Our Year 8 Drama students dazzled on stage today with their self-devised Children’s Theatre performances. Drawing inspiration from the ideas of our Year 5 students, they crafted engaging pieces that relayed valuable morals and lessons. The performances were fantastic, and it was even more special to have our Year 5 students as the audience.

At the beginning of the term, the Year 8 Drama students visited the Year 5 classes. In small groups, the Year 5 students shared their thoughts on valuable lessons and morals they believed were important. The drama students recorded these insights and used them as inspiration to create a Children’s Theatre piece. They crafted performances on topics like sun safety, teaching the Year 5 students to be sun-smart by wearing sunscreen. Another topic was about exercising caution when approached by strangers and not sharing too much personal information in a performance about Stranger Danger. This was shared through the well-known story, ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. 

Here’s what our Year 5s thought 


We learnt to not let strangers in your home and do not give them personal information. Slip Slop Slap and to bring shade to the beach.  We really enjoyed the humour, the props they used, the addition of music and how organised they were.


We loved the Halloween skit, which reinforced trusting your instincts and being aware of taking risks – plus, there were free lollies! Another great takeaway was to be kind to others by not gossiping, ‘bringing each other up rather than tearing each other down’.


I liked how they used all the music in it – it was cool.

I liked the moral of the stories – I learnt something as well as having fun – eg not to give strangers your ID and to slip, slap, slop.

I liked all the props they used. It was also cool that they made up their own stories and adapted well-known stories.

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