Let the Adventures Begin!

School camps. It is fair to say they provide the perfect opportunity for students to experience positive interactions with each other outside of the classroom.

This was no exception for our Year 7s, who headed down south this week to our beautiful Nanga Brook region. The girls got amongst nature and pushed their boundaries with several exciting activities and exercises to build self-confidence and resilience.  

Students built their very own rafts from scratch, putting their designs to the test in Lane Poole Reserve. The girls even had the opportunity to partake in ziplining, which allowed them to view the incredible scenery of the jarrah forest. The hot weather also called for a swim or two, which meant the girls could cool off!

Between activities, there were also loads of team games to be played. Popular amongst students was ‘Bang!’. This game is played in a circle, where students must react quickly or face elimination. One student stands in the middle of the circle as ‘the sheriff’, pointing at other players who must quickly crouch while those on either side quickly ‘draw’. This was an excellent activity, which generated lots of laughter amongst the girls.

Students also had the opportunity to build a tent from the ground up and camp out for one of the two nights they were away. The girls also hiked between the camping site and the Nanga Bush Camp building – talk about a true camping experience!

Dean of Students, Marsha Pengilley, says “I hope they had fun, that they laughed with their friends, created some deeper connections and started building some fantastic memories as a Santa Maria student.”

“I hope that this camp helped to build on the skills needed to overcome life’s challenges and that they learned they are strong women capable of anything”, adds Marsha.

A massive thank you to Marsha, our Year 7 Homeroom teachers, other volunteer staff members and The Outdoor Education Group for putting on such a spectacular camp for our students.

What a way to start off the year!

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