Let the Memories Begin

Studying at Santa Maria College has created strong friendships that have spanned across class year levels. This was evident at the All Years’ Reunion held on 6 March.

There was much laughter and excitement in the air, as more than 300 people from across 10 year groups came back to the College for their long-awaited reunions.

Classes spanning from 1970 to 2016 enjoyed a tour of the school followed by an early evening of drinks and canapes on the beautiful Terrace. Many of the past students had not been back to the College in more than 20 years and were very impressed by the changes and current facilities available to the girls.

It was an opportunity for the alumni community to reconnect with old friends, share interests, reminisce about their days at school, and reconnect with the College. They were welcomed by Principal, Jennifer Oaten and OGA President, Gemma Varone. Conversations and stories were flowing all evening, it was as if no time had passed at all.

See the video below for all the fun and photos of the evening.

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