Let’s Go Fishing

Outdoor Education gives students amazing opportunities to experience the outdoors. The girls learn basic technical skills and appropriate safety practices. Self-awareness, interpersonal, and leadership skills are developed through various activities throughout the course.

As part of their course this term, the Year 11 class has been participating in a fishing investigation task. As part of the investigation,  the Year 11 girls taught two Year 6 classes how to fish. The Year 11s worked in pairs with a small group of Year 6 students.

In the first lesson, held on-site at the College, the Year 11 students taught the Year 6 students all about safe fishing practices, minimal impact practices for recreational fishing, bag limits and types of fish, how to rig (including knots), how to cast, and much more.

In the second lesson, held at Point Walter Jetty, the Year 11 students helped the Year 6 students rig their rods and attach their bait. They all had so much fun in the sunshine fishing together! The older girls loved sharing their knowledge and skills with the younger girls.

Here’s what the girls thought.

It was really fun teaching the Year 6s how to fish and it was great to see them so excited to actually catch a fish. Tanayah Reynolds, Year 11

It was awesome getting to pass on our knowledge to the younger girls, hopefully, they were inspired to get outdoors and go fishing on the weekends. Elouise Parsons, Year 11

 It was a very good experience because we got to learn how to do everything ourselves instead of just watching someone else do it. We also got to see different types of fish and other marine life, but mostly blowfish! It was a really fun experience and I loved practising my fishing skills. Madelyn Smith, Year 6

I really liked working with the Year 11s because they helped us so much and if we did something wrong they didn’t get angry they just helped us and they were so lovely and cool. They helped us fish very well and if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t have caught any. Ivanka Millen, Year 6

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