Life Lessons with a Lunchbox

Over the past month, Santa Maria has been blessed with Old Girls’ coming in and speaking to the students during lunch about their life lessons and the experiences they have learnt since leaving school. The topics ranged from honesty and bravery, perspective, perseverance and persistence, gratitude and thinking positively.

Here are a few of the lessons the students learnt from the events:

I learned that every situation has its ups and downs, it is just a matter of what you decide to look at in the situation that will determine how you feel. For example, if you look at the positivities you will have a better time.

I learnt that perseverance is the key to success and it’s ok to try multiple things before you settle.

Persistence is key in life and we have to constantly pick ourselves back up.

I leant the importance of gratitude in our lives. I learnt about the effects positive thoughts have and how they can change your lifestyle positively. I have written in my gratitude journal every single day since then and plan on continuing this habit. I think it was a really good idea to provide us with a journal and the food was really good. Thank you. I really appreciate the life lesson, I have learnt things that will help me now and in the future.

I learned that I have to look for the positives because then I will be able to feel happy and be able to feel belonging and can enjoy my life.

I learnt that persistence and resilience is a key part of study and life in general. Learning from things you ‘failed’ and growing is key and it made me feel less anxious about not knowing what to do with my own future.

Thank you to all of our Old Girl guest speakers for giving up their time to speak with the students. Below are short clips of each Life Lessons event.

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