Life Lessons With A Lunchbox: Andrea Wills (1997)

As part of the Mercy Wellbeing Program for staff and students, the College focuses on initiatives that furnish our community with the skills to:

  • Strengthen their relationships
  • Build positive emotions
  • Enhance personal resilience
  • Promote mindfulness
  • Live a healthy lifestyle

One aspect of the program deals with the character traits that are our strengths and can be best utilised for our wellbeing. Some of these character traits include: Perseverance, Curiosity, Honesty, Team work, Gratitude, Humour, Love

This term, the Old Girls’ Association in collaboration with the College have introduced a program called Life Lessons with a Lunchbox.  The aim of this project is to connect past and current students, through the sharing of stories.

During each session, an Old Girl will share with students, their stories and life lessons related to one or two of the 24 character strengths.

This week, Andrea Wills (Class of 1997) spoke to Year 11 students about her life covering the character strengths of perspective, honesty and perseverance

Other alumni speaking this term are:

Taylor Donati (2015)
Danica Hendry (2002)
Ciara Pearson (2008)
Mireille Parker (1996)
Myia Cleggett (1975)

The sessions are small and intimate, usually about 20 students. They allow a safe space where students and the speaker can comfortably share their thoughts and feelings. Sessions are advertised via email. Students then book on Trybooking, on a first come, first served basis.

Below is a video reflection from Year 11 students, Piper Brown and Jemima Reid after attending Andrea’s session.

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