Little Pages’ Love For Books

Whether your child is a bookworm or a struggling reader, sharing a book with others is way more fun! 

In full support of this theory is our co-curricular group, Little Pages, a book club specifically designed for Years 5 and 6 students. 

Each Wednesday during recess, girls from Little Pages gather in the library, to express their love for books, as well as socialise with their buddies!

During each session, students share with the group the book they are currently reading. These reading recommendations are usually how the group finds their next book.

The girls are also given the opportunity to review approved books the library might consider buying for their collection.

This feedback provided by the girls ensures that the library is buying books the students want to read.

Aside from encouraging critical thinking and a deeper engagement with stories, book clubs also provide accountability for students in reading and reading comprehension.

We had a chat with Amy Hollingsworth, Head of Library & Information, about some of the benefits of joining a book club. 

“Book club encourages students to read more, develop an appreciation for a variety of genres, develop critical reading skills, and explore titles they may not find otherwise”, said Amy.

“Through participation in Book Club, the girls are connected with other passionate readers, and are provided with a safe place to relax and laugh with others who love books”, added Amy.

When we asked the girls how they feel about being a part of Little Pages, they had plenty of positive things to say!

“I like coming to book club because I can talk to other girls about books and reading. Also, we get to do fun activities, like last Wednesday, when we read chapters of books and wrote on sticky notes whether or not we would like to have them in the school library.” Caitlin O’Neill, 6.9

“I like book club because we get to share our love of books with others.” Isabelle Bong, 5.3

“I really like book club because I get to talk about books every week with my friends!” Eloise Naysmith, 6.8

We look forward to seeing some more faces at Little Pages. All are welcome and encouraged to join!

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