Meet Our 2021 Liturgy Captain Chelsea

What is your portfolio position?

Liturgy Captain

Why did you apply for that position?

I really just wanted to serve the College by contributing to the organisation of service events, inspiring people to live out the Mercy values and to be good people by participating and donating. I applied for this position to demonstrate my passion to help organise, participate in, and promote the liturgical side and strong faith of the College, which is supported through my own faith. 

I wanted to make a difference (even if it may be only small), stepping up as a leader, being a positive role model, and working with the rest of the Student Leadership Council to inspire girls to make a contribution to school-life and be compassionate students.

What do you hope to achieve in your position?

Along with coming up with new and creative ways to promote and demonstrate the College’s strong Catholic faith, I hope after my time as a leader, I’ll be remembered as someone who demonstrates kindness every day, as much as possible. Through my role as Liturgy Captain, I want to be someone people can approach and talk to. But most of all, someone who shows compassion, which will extend throughout my life after I finish school.

What’s your favourite thing about Santa Maria? 

It’s so hard to choose, but I think I would have to say the staff at Santa Maria. 

I believe we are blessed to have such a unique group of people who are extremely dedicated to teaching, or whatever they do at the College. The strong values held by the staff individually and as a whole, reflect compassion and selflessness. They are always helpful and do everything they can to guide and educate us through our high school journeys. We are so lucky at Santa Maria to have such amazing teachers, who make such an impact on our lives. 

What’s one piece of advice for new students starting at Santa Maria next year?

If I could only say one thing, I would say to be kind and compassionate; be nice and be positive, as you can make someone’s day by just giving them a smile. It makes so much difference in the lives of others and your own. Kindness is something strongly upheld at Santa Maria, and it influences so many parts of your life, so be kind!

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