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2021 marks 15 years since the relaunch of the Old Girls’ Association (OGA). The 18 March 2006 was the start of a new era for Santa Maria College OGA, with the relaunch and a new committee. The relaunch was celebrated on the Figure Eight with then Principal, Anne Pitos, welcoming the crowd of over 100 alumni. Sister Shelia Sawle’s heartfelt speech encompassed the past and present, the mission and values, and a call to action.

The new committee met for the first time on 8 May 2006 under President, Ruth Hatherley (1995) and continues to go from strength to strength. Members Ann Patroni (Skidmore, 1965), Yvonne Hickling (Stewart, 1962) and Lorraine McLean (Foley, 1962) played a vital role in collating data and records of past students at that time.

In 2007 The Old Girls’ Association Scholarship was awarded for the first time along with the OGA Inspiration Award. The OGA Inspiration Award was given to a student who displayed an understanding of the Mercy tradition and a willingness to continue that legacy.

2006 Santa Maria College Old Girls' Commitee with Principal, Mrs Anne Pitos

In 2021 the OGA launched the Project of Mercy Grant to enable alumni to undertake a planned project, focusing on helping others, less fortunate, within the Western Australian community. This year’s recipients, Catherine Kolomyjec (Burgess, 1986) and Ashleigh Small (2012) reflect the philanthropic mission of the OGA and will make a positive impact in the broader community.

The OGA has evolved through the years to where it is today, under the guidance of many fabulous committee members. They provide a vital link between the alumni community and the College. The OGA holds reunions at the College, including the Golden Girls Luncheon, fundraising, mentoring, feeding the homeless, and has many alumni as guest speakers to the College. The OGA is celebrated and shares stories through the OGA Blog, the Santa Maria College Old Girls’ Association Facebook page, the Santa Maria College Alumni group on LinkedIn, and features in the College’s Catherine magazine.

As a graduate of the College, and Alumni Coordinator it is a privilege to work with the current OGA Committee led by President Gemma Varone (2009). All committee members, alumni, and the whole College community continue to foster a feeling of belonging and pride which encourages alumni to remain active members of the College Community.

The current committee meets on a six-weekly basis and we encourage all alumni to join the committee. The OGA aims to generate collegiality and support the College to provide a broad and fulfilling educational experience for its students.

Raechell Craig (Calcei, 1990), Alumni Coordinator

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