Lucy Publishes Her First Book

It’s not every day that you meet an author who is in Year 6. This week we chatted with Lucy Hatton who has just published her first book The Pond Monster. 

On a road trip last year, she decided to write a story in a notebook she had with her in the car. After reading it, her mum thought they could investigate having it published and The Pond Monster was born! 

We asked Lucy to tell us a bit about her book.

“The Pond Monster is about an anxious frog who gets a fright, and all of his friends need to help him work out what scared him and how to calm him down.”, she said. 

When asked what inspired her to write the book, Lucy explained, “I have anxiety, so I wanted to write a book so other kids know they are not alone.”

Lucy said that having patience was the biggest thing she learned throughout the process, “Having to wait for it to get published took forever.”, she said.

Lucy is hoping to write more stories in the future. Her favourite authors are JK Rowling and Jessica Townsend and her favourite genre of books is fantasy, fantasy, fantasy, and more fantasy.

You can purchase a copy of Lucy’s book here.

We think we’ll be hearing a lot more from Lucy in the future.

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