Lunch With The Premier

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An opportunity to have lunch with Premier Mark McGowan and share the College’s sustainability initiatives with government officials was just too good to turn down. Santa Maria Science Teacher and Eco Sisters Coordinator Jo Priest was invited to represent the College at a large gathering this week, made up predominantly of members of the community involved in volunteering and charity work. 

Jo had the opportunity to speak with local MP Lisa O’Malley, Environment Minister Stephen Dawson, and Melville City Council (MCC) representative Mick McCarthy, Friends of Attadale Foreshore representative Mike Nichols, along with representatives from Native Arc and Sea Sheppard. Many of them shared opportunities for students to either participate in community events like tree planting or clean-ups and incursions.

Premier McGowan visits Santa Maria to see our sustainability initiatives (2018)

Jo spoke with Mick McCarthy, MCC representative and Director of Technical Services, about opportunities to have organic compostable matter collected from the College Café and Boarding kitchen. They also talked about ways to have more opportunities for recycling such as co-mingled recyclables visible around the school.

“It was interesting to speak with a range of community representatives and hear about projects they are involved in that we might be able to offer to our students keen to make a difference in their local environment. It was also great to hear directly about the new Container Deposit Scheme that has just been launched. As we continue to collect and supply plastic water bottles to Greenbatch for recycling, along with paper and battery recycling, we are very aware of the importance and success of such recycling programs.” Jo said.

Premier McGowan visits Santa Maria to see our sustainability initiatives (2018)

The Premier visited Santa Maria College in 2018 to view our sustainability initiatives. Afterwards, he held a press conference to discuss the Container Deposit Scheme.

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