Lunedì, Martedì, Mercoledì

Italian Days of the Week

Our Year 7 Languages students have been learning the days of the week in their Italian and French classes. For something different, the girls were given the task to write and perform a song about the topic.  

This week we’ll showcase one of the Italian songs and next week, one of the French songs.

Italian students Parker Brindley and Sienna Byrne performed their song together in the video above.

Italian Teacher, Elena Del Bianco said, “It’s a great opportunity for the girls to learn something new in a different and fun way”.

Parker said, “Our Italian song is about the days of the week. Through learning the days of the week in Italian we have been able to learn more about English grammar and mix it with Italian. Our song is also about learning to ask questions in Italian and converting them to how we would ask them in English”. Parker Brindle

“Studying Italian gives us a chance to open up and learn more about our own language and also learn how other countries, including Italy, live and what they do and say. What I love about studying Italian is being able to have fun and learn with different people and develop new friendships through speaking Italian,” said Sienna.

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