MacBeth: A Living Lecture

Year 10 students were treated to a fabulous interactive presentation on Shakespeare’s famous tragedy Macbeth, by the Barking Gecko Theatre Company this week.

Led by artistic director Matt Edgerton, with the help of four incredibly talented professional actors, the workshop took students on a journey exploring the play’s historical context, the value of Shakespeare for modern audiences, and through the staging of several key scenes from the play.

The presenters were very impressed with the enthusiasm, knowledge and confidence students brought to the workshop.

“We enjoyed being able to really explore how the play can be interpreted in different ways, to develop a new appreciation for Shakespeare’s language, and most of all the opportunity to see the play come to life in performance.” English Teacher, Ben Court said.

As a complement to the Year 10 English program, it has enriched students’ appreciation and understanding of Shakespeare and we were very privileged to have the opportunity to see such a richly engaging, interactive and fun presentation.

The Barking Gecko Theatre Company is Western Australia’s locally cherished, nationally significant company that creates and tours world-class theatre for children and families. Barking Gecko inspires audiences of all ages to embrace a creative life full of curiosity, empathy and play.’

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