Mad Hatter’s High Tea

Mad Hatter’s High Tea, with memories.  Opportunities given to embrace time spent with your daughter is precious.
To share memories of when you were a girl at the same school is unique.

The room was decorated in theme – the Mad Hatter would have been proud.  The tables set, three-tier stands of finger food with endless coffee or tea.
A photo booth in the corner to capture that special moment.  So much effort was put into setting the scene.

Santa Maria’s Old Girl High Tea allowed mums to reminisce with parents of different graduating year groups, whilst the girls caught up in a relaxed environment.  That was until the competition began!

What a laugh – Mad Hatter’s Tea Party Bingo and then the hat decorating competition.  We saw where our beautiful girls get their competitive spirit.  The fashion parade saw all hats showcased.  Then a number of raffles to round out the event.  To all who contributed their time and effort, this was a very memorable afternoon tea – Thank you.

Louise & Gabby van den Einden

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