Madison: The U15 Goalkeeper Making Moves!

Year 10 student Madison Woods was excited when she received the news that she had been selected as the goalkeeper for the Western Australian Hockey Under 15s team. Hockey is her passion, so being able to represent her state is a dream come true.

As a goalkeeper, Madison knew that her position would come with its own set of challenges. It’s taken a lot of hard work and dedication to be physically ready for the position.

Despite the challenges, Madison loves playing hockey. She has made many friendships through the sport and loves the thrill of competition, playing with different people every time. Hockey is a family tradition for Madison, with her mum and dad’s families both playing the sport. Her older brother plays in the men’s league.

Madison has big dreams for her hockey career. She wants to play at the Women’s 1st level and eventually even make it into the Hockeyroos.

To anyone thinking of trying hockey as a sport, Madison had some words of advice. She knows it can be challenging and take time to learn the necessary skills, but she encourages anyone to take their time and enjoy the journey.

Madison continues to work hard, train and hone her skills, all while balancing schoolwork and other commitments. She knows the road to achieving her goals won’t be easy, but she is determined to give it her all.

With her passion, dedication and love for the sport, we are sure Madison is on her way to a promising hockey career.

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